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Why do some users find it degrading when posting in the beginners?


As the title says I want to know why?
I mean a friend of mine who has a lot more experience in programming than me is registered in this site and said that to him is offensive to post a question in the beginners board because that way he "demonstrates that he has 0 skill in programming".
I mean that's his opinion but I don't get it why do some people think like that?
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"Offensive" is something someone does to someone else. This is something your friend would be doing to himself.
The right word would probably be "demeaning", "degrading", or "self-deprecating".

Why are you asking us why your friend thinks this way instead of asking your friend?
I did and quoted him as well.
And yes I did use the wrong word english isn't my native sorry.
Still thanks
It's a sense of pride. He thinks too highly of himself. Tell him to throw his pride away. A good programmer needs to know his strengths and weaknesses.
What do you mean by a good programmer?He does have 6 years of experience.
This seems to be a non-issue, he can just ask it in another subforum. A question won't be harder or easier just because you post it into a different section. If it's a really simple question I guarantee there are at least a few dozen stackoverflow posts on this problem and you don't have to ask it yourself.
The description for General C++ Programming says Anything about programming in C++ so I think he'll be fine posting in that section. The only thing to keep in mind is that it might affect the answer he receives. When I respond to a post outside the beginners section I am more likely to assume that the basics of C++ is already known.
What do you mean by a good programmer?He does have 6 years of experience.

There's more to being good than just having experience.

To answer your original question, there's nothing at all demeaning about being honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and about knowing where you are in your progress in learning a topic.

As others have said, identifying yourself as a beginner is helpful in letting others know how to tailor their answers to you. If I know I'm talking to someone who's inexperienced in C++, I'll try and write my answer in terms a beginner will understand, keeping it simple and not going into digressions about advanced C++ features. If I'm answering someone who seems to be experienced, then I may go into those extra details, and skip over explaining basic stuff.

(Or at least, that's what I ought to do. I suspect I'm not as good at it as I'd like.)

Anyone who's so full of pride and ego that they have to pretend they know more than they actually do, is hindering their own development and growth - in programming, or in any aspect of life.
Haven't checked in since last time.Didn't expect a lot of answers
but by the looks of it I can see that I have gotten more than one answer to my question.
Thanks again :)
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