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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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value returning function problem
I have tried this program & ran it like 10 times on the compiler on mindtap yet it still does not gi...
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Help linking a multisource project
// Need help linking. I keep getting an undefined reference Terminal output: [email protected]:~/worksp...
[2 replies] Last: Yup. That worked. Thank you. (by Xanibod)
301 redirection to the same url
Hi there! I am sending http requests using this code : http://www.pickinpatchfarm.com/nolim1t/126991 It ...
[1 reply] : Hi everyone! I found the solution, the get request should be like thi... (by jessCPP)
Hi, I want to run make for a "network packet trace reader" which is written in C. In ubuntu 14.0....
[4 replies] Last: Thank you very much. The solution works... (by Rachelll95)
by sccp
JNI code crash with core dump when throw is called under 64 bit
I'm working with java + c++ ( using JNI ) and i must load own native libraries but application faile...
[3 replies] Last: The issue has been resolved: There is a known issue with a slight mis... (by sccp)
time(0) is for UTC or local time?
Hi, I am using time(0) for current timestamp for communication in Debian Jessie platform, but it ...
[2 replies] Last: How can I make time(0) consistent for UTC only? Take the output from... (by FurryGuy)
Quick question about linking in C program
I have a shared library that I built successfully called libcopy.so When I link I used the followin...
[2 replies] Last: I eventually found an answer that makes sense to me. I'll explain her... (by supperpiccle)
by Borneq
ODBC and C++
How install ODBC on Ubuntu/Mint? How accessing to ODBC from C++ program? Libraries, headers and sam...
[2 replies] Last: You will need an ANSI C compiler. For this tutorial we used gcc on Lin... (by sm2345110)
by kopev
random bytes format python
hello, I would like to know I always understanding that bytes in binary format start with the symbo...
[16 replies] Last: [quote=kopev]Although the resulting executable will have the same beha... (by Peter87)
by sameh4
Detailed C/C++ For Experienced Programmers
I realize this is primarily an opinion based question, and I have already done a lot of searching so...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=sameh4]solid C/C++ First of all, there is no such thing: http:... (by Cubbi)
by aumars
Failing to properly compare MD5 checksums
I'm writing a mod manager for Linux. The unmodded game requires a few changes in the configjuration ...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you for the feedback! The problem is fixed. (by aumars)
getting segmentation fault (error occured)
Hi I am getting segmentation fault when I try to copy 1 vector to another vector... it occurs only w...
[4 replies] Last: Watch out for this kind of errors as they can spend a lot of your time... (by benhart)
by GTR4j
Terminal cp error
Directions: Make a new directory called polygon. Copy the program lines.c ( or lines.cpp ) (from ...
[2 replies] Last: Fascinating. First, there is use of A&B as in: $ echo foo & echo bar... (by keskiverto)
X11 How to get window data pointer?
On the Wikipedia page for multiple buffering, under page flipping it says: In the page-flip metho...
[5 replies] Last: If you've configured X to use double buffering, there should be a func... (by helios)
by zepher
customized watchdog for linux daemons
I have a linux production server that has a number of background/ daemon process running on it that ...
[3 replies] Last: I know a website of components, hope it can help you http://www.pickinpatchfarm.com.. (by Tooom)
Displaying data from an array of files.
/*---------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* When I compile this program, ...
[2 replies] Last: So it actually works, just a grammatical error on my part. Thank you f... (by ehsan96696)
Game of Life in C++
Hey there people. This will be my first post in this forum, pleased to meet you all. So, I have rec...
[4 replies] Last: in c/c++ you have to provide include guards to prevent multiple defini... (by rottenpamiro)
by alexBB
Passing an array to a subroutine
I have this Ubuntu C++ package. Everything works but I need it to work as fast as it can, so I am tr...
[5 replies] Last: vector<complex<double>> should solve the first of those. Fixing the ... (by Repeater)
Segmentation fault (core dump)
Hi, I'm trying to learn quick sort. Right now, the code compiles but it shows me a segmentation err...
[3 replies] Last: Those kind of errors could have been spotted earlier if detected while... (by benhart)
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