UNIX/Linux Programming - September 2017

rtl_fm UDP Streaming Server
I would like to listen to the radio on my Android phone using rtl_fm and udp streaming server. Pleas...
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How do i create my own game engine from scratch with C++
So i was searching for answer for this question and i didn't find any good answers even not helping ...
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i want to play sound data in wavfile
i can make wavfile with c language. And i would play wavfile. but i want to play wavfile without ...
[4 replies] Last: Perhaps days 7, 8 and 9 of Casey Muratori's "Handmade Hero" will help ... (by Repeater)
Linux "API" like WinAPI for GUI programming?
Hi guys, currently I'm trying to create a free, open-source C++ framework to create platform-inde...
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print number of active process in linux
Hi I am making a c++ code with fork() creating childs. How can I print the total amount of pr...
[6 replies] Last: One way you could do this is by counting the number of directories und... (by Galik)
by Ma92
can any one tell me what are the basics of unix and linux programming , i mean what should i need to...
[1 reply] : Linux system programming by o reily is a little dry - maybe use it wit... (by devonrevenge)
by geegee
optimize buildprocess
Hello, building a Gtkmm-programm (and its dependencies) with the wrong compilerdialekt (requires >=...
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by alexBB
Using gdb
Hi there. I had a huge C++ Ubuntu source file and I broke it in a few smaller pieces. Now the main w...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, @mbozzi. I am including source files because otherwise it i... (by alexBB)
C++0x concurrency not work properly in Ubuntu in Virtualbox
Hello guys, Source cod: #include <future> #include <mutex> #include <iostream> #include <st...
[1 reply] : I'm not really sure what kind of answer you're looking for. Without th... (by helios)
New help with compiler errors-Adjacency Matrix
Errors: So I have errors that I need help fixing for c++11. This deals with undirected graph in the...
[1 reply] : using namespace std; ?do you understand what that means? error: ... (by ne555)
Help! I think echo $TERM not working
For my intro to linux class, I had to set TERM=dumb (the original value for TERM=xterm-256color) Thi...
[3 replies] Last: I had to set TERM How did you do that? Just on shell or also in conf... (by keskiverto)
Adjacency Matrix
SO I know what the adjacency matrix does, but I am stuck on how to implement to check to see if each...
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transferring files using SFTP
Is it possible to transfer a file using the SFTP command from my remote machine to local machine in ...
[2 replies] Last: Can you use rsync ? That is a very versatile tool (and does use ssh t... (by keskiverto)
Output of PDF to CP1250 character conversion on Linix
This is the output of my code - Linux - gcc which are to convert pdf string 12????34 to cp1250.....
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Curious about ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) development
If I were to buy a Hackberry A10 EVB board, it comes with Android Ice Cream, and it's Linux capable....
[1 reply] : Boards ,EVB board are design to accommodated as much input output. thi... (by Emma1)
Where and how does linux event generate?
Hello,there is a subtle question that captures my mind. Where and how does linux event generate? F...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for replying. Actually I'm looking up the source and some unix ... (by blackwall)
Hello, I have questions for this. please read ...
This below code is excerpts from linux kernel fault.c. #ifdef CONFIG_X86_64 /* * Instructi...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you mbozzi. your answer gude me to understand the quoted code. ... (by lovejoy226)
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