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Graphics library hints
Greetings, ii come out of a long period of experience with c++ terminal restricted coding and Game ...
[4 replies] Last: I know how to "draw transparent sprites, texts and rectangles, with tr... (by ineedastupidusername)
make video timed to music out of images
I came from a python background, and installed c++/mingw/codeblocks 2 days ago. My skill level is I ...
[5 replies] Last: I don't know if you call ffmpeg within your program or use the wind... (by mbozzi)
dev c++ gui program
hey guys, ive been working on dev c++ for a little while now, mostly practicing command line program...
[1 reply] : Doesn'... (by freddie1)
How to create DLL
I have created a function that I want to use in IDL. But I don't know how to create a DLL to export ...
[1 reply] : Here is a tutorial for VS 2015 but it should work with VS2017 as well:... (by Thomas1965)
by rXp
[MingW] Undefined reference BUT find it with "nm"
Hello, I am trying to make SSL work with boost ASIO. I am on windows and using MingW 6.3. I built ...
[1 reply] : Order of included libraries does matter, sometimes the same library ne... (by modoran)
Programatic reboot from Windows to BIOS...
Anyone have any idea (or know where I can find out) how to "programatically" (via C++) reboot Window...
[3 replies] Last: There is no way to automatically enter the BIOS after restart. (by modoran)
Need help in visualizing AVL Tree
I need help in visualizing an AVL Tree, I have a working AVL Tree print function. But, it prints on ...
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Toolbar icons
Hello, How can I draw a semi-transparent rectangle over an icon in my program's toolbar when I ho...
[2 replies] Last: No, Visual Studio Community 2015. Seymour. (by Fractal Cat)
Choosing a Graphics API
I wanted to learn graphic api.So which one should I learn first Direct x9 or direct x10 or straight ...
[2 replies] Last: If you are planning on programming strictly for Windows then why not s... (by FurryGuy)
Changing my app's icon using Dev-C++ (Win32 GUI mode)
I'm learning to use DEV-C++ 5.11, hoping to make a program I have in mind. Before I go any further...
[2 replies] Last: Eureka! It works. I had tried something similar before, but without t... (by Ricardooo)
noob questions about windows interaction
Hello people, Im new in the forum. Not totally new with cplusplus though. I was programming a coup...
[2 replies] Last: "invoke batch files, other programs" well, that would not be an actual... (by barnack)
OLE2/ActiveX without using either MFC or the ATL
I have become very interested in making my own custom controls which can be added to a dialogue box ...
[18 replies] Last: One positive thing that ATL has done is make these books which just ... (by freddie1)
Libcurl Question.
I understand its not C++ coding centric, but I'm following a C++ tutorial on how to use libcurl and ...
[1 reply] : (by mbozzi)
How can I compile a cpp file from inside another cpp program?
Say, I have 2 files: mainprogram.cpp secondaryprogram.cpp I compile the mainprogram.cpp normally....
[4 replies] Last: Use CreateProcess() to call your compiler. (by Golden Lizard)
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